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Classes for ages 4 - adult

We offer beginner classes in Kinder-Barre, Pre-Ballet, Level A and Teen/Adult

  • All beginner classes focus on body awareness, flexibility, and coordination using natural movements.

  • Young students are taught to focus, follow directions and to be respectful of the teacher and their classmates while developing ballet classroom etiquette.

  • Rhythm and musicality, spatial awareness, and staging concepts are introduced.

Our studio is equipped with safety in mind

  • The high-quality professional dance flooring minimizes slipping and provides cushion for jumping.

  • The mirrors are made of thin Mylar sheets and weigh only 12 pounds each.

  • The barres are aluminum and easy to sterilize.

Parents can observe their children in class on our waiting room monitor

  • Parents are able to watch their child in class on our high-definition monitor.

  • Parents see their child's progress and stay involved as they learn and gain new skills. 

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We supply ballet and tap shoes, dance tights, and required leotards


  • Properly fitted shoes are important for dance. We make sure shoes are comfortable and children have some room for growth. All KBA students must wear ballet shoes for class.

  • Dance tights are specially designed to allow the dancer to stretch and move. We recommend students wear dance tights.

  • Children's classes wear a color-coded class leotard. We sell the leotard styles required for classes.

  • Teen/Adults must wear the required ballet shoes for class.

New Students with previous ballet or other dance experience

  • Must take a free placement class.

  • Will be placed in a class level according to our syllabus.

  • NEW FOR 2023 - Beginner ballet for students ages 11 - 16 with dance but who have not taken ballet. This class moves at a faster pace and works on alignment along with the use of arms, plie and releve in jumps and turns.

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