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Jazz Dance Classes

All WHAT Jazz?

Fall 2023 we offer jazz dance.

Students in Pre-Ballet have jazz as part of a Ballet/Jazz Combo class. 

Students studying ballet for 2 or more years take Jazz Dance Level 1. Students taking jazz class are required to take at least one ballet class per week.

Miss Brittany of Keystone Ballet Academy will be teaching a jazz dance style known today as “Theatrical Jazz,” based on two of her most inspiring classic jazz dance artists, choreographers, and founders of “Theatrical Jazz” - Gus Giordano and Bob Fosse. With 30+ years of continuous jazz dance experience and her ongoing ballet training at Keystone Ballet Academy, they are the best Jazz Dance classes available.

Exceptional ballet training is essential to get great jazz style and technique. Keystone Ballet Academy has both and Miss. Brittany!

We sell Capezio E-Series jazz shoes that are required for the Jazz Dance Level 1 classes only. Our classes are as follows: 

Pre-Ballet/Jazz Combo (Ages 6-8)

Jazz Dance 1 (Ages 9 - 13 Level B1 and up)

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